Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stockholm Art Festival

The Stockholm Art Fair started with ten artists who formed the Stockholm Artists Guild.  Their initial goal was to organize an art fair in the park in their very small town of Stockholm, WI – held annually on the third Saturday in July – situated along beautiful, Lake Pepin/Mississippi River.  A painting is selected each year for their “poster” and this year marks their 40th year of celebration.

A total of 107 artists were present and it indeed was a very fun day with the weather just perfect – sunny with a slight breeze and temps in the 70’s.

Friendly program greeter!

Food concession area - still early in the day!

Henna tattoos for the kids

Food and music enticed visitors to eat and stop at the entertainment stage to listen to the music of local artists.  We were especially interested in listening to the group, “Patchouli”.  The duo performers of Julie and Bruce have been together creating their instrumental, folk rock meets Flamenco sound.  Since first hearing them several years ago, we were excited to purchase 2 more of their “Terra Guitarra” CD’s to enjoy on our travels.
Julie Patchouli & Bruce Hecksel

Here are a few pictures of some of the art work that caught our eyes . . . and in some cases, our pocket books too!

Maple Grove Woods:  Custom wood products
Jeff checking out a "surprise" for me

Custom jewelry box made of White Oak

Now I can keep my little items organized.
The Glass Boutique:  glass overlay on copper

Nature expressed in art....beautiful!

Bear Paw:  Paperworks * Fiber
We just can't get away from fish, can we?

Very unique fiber paperwork
Patrick J’s Imagination:  Creative custom furniture

A very unusual headboard.


Buffet crafted with Bird's Eye Maple.

Stained Glass Birdhouses
A perfect day for those who sailed and motored in on Lake Pepin.

Just more summer fun for us.  We hope that you are enjoying your summer too!
Hugs to all. . .
Kay & Jeff

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Our Wisconsin Connection

This aerial photo of our home was taken in February 2003 – almost 5 years after we moved from Minneapolis to our home in the country – and in the dead of winter as you can see.  A lot has changed since July 1998 to present, when two city-born - dude & dudette - decided to change their life style and move to the country to enjoy nature's surroundings and the chance to now have our horses close to us.  Horses were sold in 2008 when we discovered that they took a lot of work (on Jeff's part).  After finding other hobbies such as fishing & traveling, we just didn't have the time to ride much.  
Just a little background information first.  Our home is situated south (approx. 12 miles) from Menomonie (home to University of Wisconsin-Stout) and is a square 40 acres that sits within a beautiful valley surrounded by rolling hills.  We purchased the land in 1997 and then had our home custom built that following year, with us doing the interior painting, staining, hardwood floors and ceramic tile.  In other words, as Jeff calls it, sweat equity.  (I think we can all relate to that being it for either quality or cost.)  Currently, we are planning on selling the home so that we can keep our dream alive of traveling "Down The Open Road". 
As you view the pictures, imagine it filled with many plants – filling the open windows that we love - and many other pieces of memorabilia that fill our homes.  I guess that's the part of downsizing.  Our 7 months away this past winter would not have been conducive to the plants remaining in the house, so we were able to find good homes for everyone.   Coming back in May was an adjustment for everyone.   What an echo we have now....the cats seem a little lost too.  I guess that’s the best part of the downsizing process – the memories - with less "stuff" that you don't really need (or have room for anymore).
Enjoy the tour . . .

Took this just as the sun was coming up over the hills

We love our flowers.  Can you tell?

Back of the house, facing south

Jeff is painting gates at our main driveway

The backyard where pole shed is located
A close-up of the new flowers (covering the septic...shhhhh!)

Doesn't everyone "frame" their LP tank with something fun?

A close up of the plants in the corner. Ferns came from our woods

Backyard view from our deck

We enjoy our birds.....and more plants

Open living room with wood burning fireplace (love it!)

Open kitchen off the dining room

Lots of windows!

Master Bedroom
Master Bathroom
Second bedroom upstairs we use as an office
Completed basement - ready for new owners to move in!
Our winter wood burning sauna in the woods - Ahhhhhhhh!

Telephone pole that held barn light--went bad--PUSH!

With all of the work that comes with being a homeowner, we are pretty much ready to hand it off to new owners.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Our Home on Wheels

~ Down the Open Road ~

One last piece.....this tour of our house is dedicated to our friends, Chip & Daisy, who instilled in Kay the idea to share our home with you, after they shared their home in Arkansas on their blog that we follow.  You can check them out at:
Checking out fly fishing stuff at Bass Pro

Hugs to all!

Kay & Jeff