Tuesday, September 13, 2016

If You Rest You Rust

It’s pretty easy to understand the meaning of this statement.  Some say that it’s a German proverb meaning basically that if you get lazy you get ill/weak in the bones and aren't able to move well.   Something along the order that when people get older they tend not to be so active and they lose most mobility – meaning we’re getting up in age.

That is not the case for us.  We had planned on taking the two grand kids from Minnesota while Kay’s daughter, Jill, was going on a pleasure trip to Scotland.  Having Julia (who will be 4 on Sept. 28) and Joe (a teenager turning 14 in October), coming to live in the coach with us was finally here.  It took some getting used to the smaller living space that they were accustomed to, but overall we made it work.  We had to.  The fun was just beginning for this 2-week sleepover.  Many smiles and plenty of hugs were had by all. 

A day trip to the Irvine Park Zoo in Chippewa Falls was a nice break.  

Playing catch with Grandpa, helping with the Jeep and riding the bike trail nearby will be special memories for Joe.

Have you ever walked through a Sunflower Maze?  This sunflower extravaganza called, Seeds of Hope, was created to the memory of a local woman in the area - by her family - that succumbed to cancer.  Quite a happy place.

Ariel view of the Sunflower Maze
Julia loved getting her face painted at Downsville Days which highlighted her delight at collecting small pieces of candy from the parade participants that passed our way.  After picking up a few pieces of candy at first, Julia didn’t need any help on knowing what to do next. . .candy!!!!!

Joe really enjoyed his time with the kitties while Julia spent time putting together her puzzles . . . over and over.  Toss in quite a few book to read and you can see how we definitely needed to keep our energy levels up.

We couldn't resist sending this next picture to Jill when we were at the storage unit.  Jill replied that we needed to keep feeding her Stella (a Belgium beer) so that Julia will be “relaxed” when she comes back home.  Ha-ha!!!

Here is Joe in the kitchen putting the ingredients together in making banana bread for us.  It was delicious!

Grandpa’s little shadow who loves dancing, playing with toys that challenge her imagination, cherry tomatoes and Ketchup, and having her nails painted was our bright smile each day!  As with any munchkin, she does get naughty at times.

Something that we don’t get too much of because of schedules, is the time that we spend with Jeff’s son, Eric, and the grand boys.  The “boyz” are Jacob (9 years) and Daniel (who will be 12 in November).  The day was perfect for a picnic and some pool time for them. 

It was also good to hook up with special friends while we are still parked in Wisconsin.   

Donna and Brent

All smiles with good friend, Judy
Our stay in the Badger State will be coming to an end as we have pretty much wrapped up what we wanted to get done while we've been here these three months.  Still can't believe that the summer is pretty much over with the cool evenings that have arrived.  We plan to leave for Minnesota on Monday (9/19)and will be there visiting with family before we depart the first week in October - for a stop in Sioux Falls to get driver’s licenses renewed.   From there we hit the open road.

We are truly blessed with family and friends!

Hugs to all ~