Thursday, August 29, 2013

Discover Downsville Days

The town of Downsville is located in Northwest Wisconsin (about 4 miles north of where we live).  It is tucked along the banks of the Red Cedar River.  With a population of 180, it is an all year long destination for people who are biking, skiing, showmobiling or hiking the Red Cedar Trail.
The 13th Annual Discover Downsville Days is always held on the 4th Saturday in August.  And sharing this fun day with us was 2 of our grand kids (Joseph 10 yrs & Julia 11 mos.) and our daughter, Jill. 

So sit back and enjoy this small town’s celebration!  Here comes the parade.

Allis-Chalmers vintage tractor.

An important message.

Emergency vehicle from Menomonie WI

A dog walker handing out doggie treats to the crowd.

Nothing runs like a "Deere"

The one and only school in Downsville.

. . .bringing up the rear!

Our neighbor in his "short bus" which Jeff has driven!

Wow....they even had a fortune teller too.
The only kiddy ride - look who's bringing up the rear!

Locally made colorful!

It's amazing what they can make with balloons!

Little Julia taking a break with Grandpa.

Tractor pedal competition for ages 5-12.

Joseph with a Veteran from Elmwood WI

1926 Chevy

'70 Chevy GTO Convertible

'56 Ford

Milk Truck - year unknown

'75 Duster (Kay had a '68, same color)

'57 Ford T-Bird

'64 Ford Galaxy Convertible
Joe with his Leggo creations!

Hugs to all. . .Kay & Jeff

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Friends, Food & Fishing

Nelson Lake, located just a few miles north of beautiful Hayward, Wisconsin, is home to a variety of fantastic north woods resorts, restaurants, lodges and taverns.  Part of the Totogatic Flowage, the Nelson Lake area is touched by unspoiled wilderness, bordering the lake (2716 acres, max depth 33’) to create a largely undeveloped shoreline.  Fish include Pan fish, Large mouth Bass, Small mouth Bass, Northern Pike and Walleye.

Click on the link below to view a map of Nelson Lake.

It is here - on the Island - that our friends, Pat & Larry, reside in the summer months on 40 acres of their "peace of heaven". 

In a cabin that Larry built, living a simple life with their two Golden Retrievers, Buck & Barney (the “Boys”).   (Note:  Miss Kay, who is a little black kitty, will be a new member of the family very soon.)

We originally met Pat and Larry last April when we were staying at BJ’s Campground (outside of Big Bend National Park) and from there the rest is history.  It’s amazing when you click with certain people, feeling like you’ve known them for years.  That’s how we feel.


We arrived at Sunrise Bay Campground on a Wednesday to set up our home for a few days right on the lake.  Wild flowers are essential for the RV. 

 Little did we know that we would be enjoying four days of non-stop fun.  Pat, Larry and the “Boys” took care of us the whole time.  This consisted of pontoon rides to and from their cabin on the island, awesome campfires, good food, a new game (anyone for Spinner?), becoming one with their family (pretty awesome family at that too!) and of course, fishing.
Anyone for a swim?

Let me pose for the camera!

Barney with his goggles on

The familiar Loons on the water.

An Osprey nest

Food Alert….Food Alert!  Larry smoked some salmon with his famous teriyaki & brown sugar recipe.  Other foods included zucchini/crab quiche, tomato-basil onions, grilled corn on the cob, veggie medley (fresh from their daughter, Terri’s, garden), watermelon and grilled steak.  Libations were also readily available!!


A feast fit for a King!

Fish Alert. . .Fish Alert!  We are not the only ones that are “fishing crazy” either.  Terri (their lovely daughter) loves the sport and reigned Jeff into catching some Bass one evening.  A very good time was had by all.

Classic Car Alert. . . Classic Car Alert!  The community of Minong (about 15 minutes from Hayward) was having festivities that included classic cars, so we all packed up in Larry's truck and headed for some fun.  Jeff selected these pictures to put on our blog.
49 Chevy
56 Chevy

Ahhhhhhhhh....reflecting a time when life was less complicated.  Don't you just love it!
67 Chevy El Camino

Miss it, perhaps?

49 Ford
49 Chevy
67 Mustang fast back

37 Buick

Hugs to all. . .

Kay & Jeff